The mysterious world of Poggio Di Poggio

Poggio Di Poggio is known for his mysterious paintings.

Based on mindful observation of the interactions between inner and outer realms, viewers are called to do the same and navigate from a personal representation of nature, life and beauty, to their own.

Inspired by 19th-century European Romanticism and the timeless asian Shan Shui, these evocative landscapes are echoing the human emotions and feelings. Each artwork serves as a portrait of the human soul, reflecting its complexities and nuances. The swirling mists, towering peaks, lush forests, flowing waters guide the viewer into a space where introspection and meditation are not just invited but inevitable.

The boundaries between reality, memory and fantasy, are mysteriously blurred, stretching the limits of space and time.Thus, in a sacred manner, the viewer reconnect to oneself and to the world.

Poggio Di Poggio’s painting blends Eastern and Western culture, standing as a testament to the spiritual nature of the universe.

Main influences: Claude Monet, Hokusai, William Turner, Mark Rothko, Agnes Martin, Peter Doig, Rinus Van de Velde


Recycled paper and cardboard on canvas
Acrylic paint, pastel, spray paint

Poggio Di Poggio is a French-Belgian artist of italian origins, he currently lives and works in Bruges (Belgium) and in Sanremo (Italy).

Books & Catalogues


KW (2023 Jan) Zenkustenaar Poggio Di Poggio in de Garemijnzaal
Uit in Vlaanderen (2023 Jan) Poggio Di Poggio Spiritual & Contemporary Art Read
Inside Artists (2021 Mar) 4 pages interview+photos Read the article
Aesthetica Magazine (2020 Apr) Listed in Best emerging artists 2020 Read the article

Exhibitions & Prizes

2024 15-29 Feb: ODYSSEY Paintings and Poems Exporuimte Burg, Bruges (Belgium)
2023 Jan: Poggio Di Poggio Spiritual & Contemporary Art at the Belfort of Bruges (Belgium)
2022 Nov: Art Brussels solo show booth (Belgium)
2021 Nov: Art Brussels solo show booth (Belgium)

Gallery Biesenbach Cologne (Germany)
2020 Dec 13-29 Art Matters 2 (online exhibition) « Honorable mention »

Luxembourg Art Prize (Luxembourg)
2020 Distinction from the Art Museum to view

Online galleries

Painting and Drawing: The Artling Gallery (Singapore) Shop in the online gallery
NFT: Opensea Shop in the gallery

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