In search of truth: an artistic & spiritual journey

Poggio Di Poggio is a contemporary artist painter living and working in Bruges (Belgium) and Sanremo (Italy).

Since a very young age he is in search of truth: the ultimate reality that appears as obvious and natural when we free ourselves from conditioning and ignorance.

It is by understanding how the body and the mind work that one can know oneself better and therefore realize oneself as a unique and fully spiritual living being.

The experience of sacred: the monkhood

To reach this state of mindfulness, Poggio Di Poggio has devoted 10 years of his life to monkhood. As a Zen and Theravada Buddhist monk, he studied and practiced the teachings of the Buddha. He also practiced eremitism for 10 months in the Thai forest.

It is through the experience of nature in full consciousness that the truth has emerged: All is one and this One is pure spiritual essence.

The experience of beauty through Nature and Art

The experience of the sacred often comes from beauty which emerges from nature in all its forms, a sunset, the reflection of the moon in a puddle, an almond blossom, in those evocations the works of Poggio Di Poggio recall the European romanticism of the 19th century, traditional Chinese (Shan Sui) and Japanese (Ukyo-e) landscape art, evocations of human emotions and feelings in the form of mountains, clouds, rivers or storms.

This experience of beauty and sacred is also found in the works of Poggio Di Poggio. The paintings call for introspection, meditation but also take us to an inner journey made of souvenirs where reality and fantaisies, space and time are distending and confounding. These are not total abstraction, one can see various landscapes, tropical forests, seascapes, the Mediterranean, the North Sea or Chinese or Japanese mountainscapes.

In addition to the fundamental experiences of beauty and the sacred through nature, Poggio Di Poggio also evokes overwhelming and life changing experiences with art. In painting with C. Monet, Odilon Redon, the Nabis and Agnes Martin, Mark Rothko (American abstraction). Or in music with J.S. Bach, F. Chopin, Sara Vaughan, Cocteau Twins, David Sylvian, PJ Harvey, Placebo, Lana del Rey… but also in literature, dance…


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Exhibitions & Prizes

2024 Feb: Solo show Brugotta Hal, Bruges (Belgium)

2023 Jan: Poggio Di Poggio Spiritual & Contemporary Art at the Belfort of Bruges (Belgium)
2022 Nov: Art Brussels solo show booth (Belgium)
2021 Nov: Art Brussels solo show booth (Belgium)

Gallery Biesenbach Cologne (Germany)
2020 Dec 13-29 Art Matters 2 (online exhibition) « Honorable mention »

Luxembourg Art Prize (Luxembourg)
2020 Distinction from the Art Museum to view

Online galleries

Painting and Drawing: The Artling Gallery (Singapore) Shop in the online gallery
NFT: Opensea Shop in the gallery

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