Poggio Di Poggio

Spiritual & Contemporary Art

Paintings Drawings Sculptures


Studio/Atelier in the historic city center of Bruges

Artistic statement

Poggio Di Poggio is a Franco-Belgian artist based in Bruges (Belgium)

Inspired by Zen Buddhism, European romanticism and Wabi Sabi, his work is about the process: meditation, here and now, body and mind, oneness, emptiness

“I strive to express the spiritual nature of life, of the universe”

Former Buddhist monk, he creates spiritual artworks (painting, drawing, sculpture and NFT) all made with mindfulness

Nature (4 elements (mostly Water)/ Life/ Cycles) and Human condition (Spirituality/ The mind (memories, perceptions)/ Lost paradise) are the main themes.

Technique: The physical and symbolic presence of the elements water, earth, fire and air on the surface creates cracks, transparencies, textures that evoke inner worlds and outdoor landscape.

(Acrylic paint, spray paint, pastel, ink, recycled paper and cardboard on canvas)

Poggio Di Poggio artworks are present in different private collections in Europe, Usa and Asia.





Artist statement

Poggio Di Poggio is a former Buddhist monk, born in the French Alps and living in Bruges, Belgium.

In existential questioning since his early childhood, Poggio Di Poggio first experienced beauty and the sacred through nature, drawing and painting. At the age of 40, not having found inner peace, he felt called. He went to study and practice Zen and Theravada Buddhism in Europe and then in Asia, especially in Thailand where he became a begging forest monk like the Buddha
After 8 years of monastic life he felt called back to ordinary life and returned to Europe in order to express the spiritual nature of life through art. He is represented among others by The Artling Gallery (Singapore), he currently lives and works in Bruges, Belgium