NFT Collection 2023

Art NFT by Poggio Di Poggio

A Hidden Self-Portrait Has Been Discovered Beneath Van Gogh Painting

‘Startling Discoveries’: An Underpainting Was Found Beneath Vermeer ‘Milkmaid’ Painting

New scanning technique reveals secrets behind great paintings

Before and after: X-ray paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh to reveal their surprising stories

Two for the price of one: hidden painting discovered under Botticelli masterpiece up for auction

In the recent years with the advancement of new technologies we’ve discovered paintings never seen before underneath masterpieces of great painters such as Picasso, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Botticelli… Art historians and art lovers are fascinated by those discoveries.

Some of the repaints are due to a lack of financial resources and materials, the penniless artists have reworked on already used canvases, others were perhaps repainted because the artist was not convinced by the result … We will never know.

It might be possible that the addition of different layers is part of the artist’s creative process, which uses the added material, the different colors as a matrix for the final image, this creative process is mine. I need to create an experience, a story on the white canvas to allow the emergence of the final painting. This is what gives its energy, its vibration: its spiritual dimension.

In order to preserve the story line process of my paintings, I’ve decided to immortalize each of the steps in a photography or a video. Some collectors and lovers of my artworks are fond of these images and what they tell about the final work.

Thanks to the arrival of NFT and web3 I had the idea to give each of the intermediate images the possibility to exist as a work in its own right, independently of the final work but only in the virtual world, as an NFT.

Associated with a final painting in the real world, we find a virtual copy and 3 to 5 stages of its genesis in the form of NFT.

The NFT are available on and the paintings on request at contact